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Digital Optocouplers Widen Temperature Range

Addressing the requirements of industrial-inverter and power-management designs, the ACPL-M43U, ACPL-M61U, and ACPL-M46U embark as the first digital optocouplers suitable for use in industrial applications. In five-pin, surface-mount packages, they operate over a wide range temperature range from -40°C to +125°C. The ACPL-M43U is a 1-Mb single channel device and the ACPL-M61U is a 10-Mb logic gate optocoupler. The ACPL-M46U, an intelligent power module optocoupler, includes an aluminum gallium arsenide layer optically coupled to an integrated high-gain photo detector. All three are described as low-power and high common mode transient rate components that provide immunity to transient noises, and they promise to eliminate EMI and ground loops. Additionally, they meet most industrial safety standards such as IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2, UL 1577, and CSA. Prices for the ACPL-M43U, M46U, and M61U are $1.50, $1.63, and $1.75 each/10,000, respectively. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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