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Diode Thwarts ESD On USB 3.0 Ports

Diode Thwarts ESD On USB 3.0 Ports

Protecting equipment from damage, the ESD3v3u4ulc damping diode absorbs ESD on USB ports. Exhibiting a dynamic resistance of 0.23?, its ability to absorb energy 20 kV exceeds the 8 kV called for in the current IEC 61000-4-2 standard. According to the company, the diode has minimal impact on signal quality. The ESD3v3u4ulc comes in a TSLP-9-1 package, which reportedly enables optimum PCB layouts with a single diode protecting up to four traces simultaneously. Pricing for the ESD3v3u4ulc is $0.60 each/10,000. INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES, Milpitas, CA. (866) 951-9519.

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