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Electronic Design

Direct Efficient DC/DC Conversion of 100V Inputs for Telecom/Automotive Supplies

Design Note 398

Automotive, telecom and industrial systems have harsh, unforgiving environments that demand robust electronic systems. In telecom systems the input rail can vary from 36V to 72V, with transients as high as 100V. In automotive systems the DC battery voltage may be 12V, 24V or 42V with load dump conditions causing transients up to 60V or more. The LTC®3810 is a current mode synchronous switching regulator controller that can directly step down input voltages up to 100V, making it ideal for these harsh environments. The ability to step down the high input voltage directly allows a simple single inductor topology, resulting in a compact high performance power supply—in contrast to the low side drive topologies that require bulky, expensive transformers.

Download the full Design Note in as a PDF.

TAGS: Automotive
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