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Drive Large TFT-LCD Displays with a Space-Saving Triple-Output Regulator

Design Note 417

The power appetite of large TFT-LCDs appears to be insatiable. Power supplies must feed increasing numbers of transistors and improved display resolutions, and do so without taking much space.

The triple output supply shown in Figure 1 shows a compact design based on the LT3489, which is optimized for
driving large TFT panel displays. The main output provides 8V at 600mA while the 23V and –8V outputs provide 10mA and 20mA respectively, all from a 3.3V input. Even though TFT converters generally run from a regulated 3.3V or 5V source, this converter can operate seamlessly from a Lithium-Ion battery, delivering 5W when the battery is drained to 3.3V and 8W when it is at 4.2V.

Download the full Design Note as a PDF.

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