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DSD DAC Has Sights Set On SACD Apps

Designed to directly interface to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) decoders used in Super Audio CD (SACD) players, as well as professional DSD processors and mixing consoles, the DSD1700 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) directly convert 1-bit, 2.8224 MHz digitally sampled data (the basic technology of SACD) to an analog signal. This simplified format for recording and playback is said to result in superior audio performance when compared to current CD quality sound.
The DSD1700 is a single-channel DAC consisting of a double differential analog FIR filter and featuring a wide frequency range up to 100 kHz with a SNR and dynamic range of 110 dB. It requires a 5V supply, resides in a 28-lead SSOP, and costs $9.95 each/1000.


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