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Dual Difference Amp Won't Tax Supplies

Low quiescent current of 160 µA per amplifier while operating on a wide single-supply range (2.7V to 36V) or dual supplies (±1.35V to ±18V) is featured in the INA2132 dual difference amplifier. The device is claimed as the first dc-accurate part of its type designed specifically for industrial and instrumentation applications.The INA2132 provides a highly versatile circuit function without using a costly precision resistor network. Each channel of the dual device consists of a precise op amp with a laser-trimmed resistor network, providing accurate gain and high common-mode rejection. Key specs include low dc offset of 75 µV and low offset drift of 1 µV/°C. Gain error is just ±0.01% and gain drift is 1 ppm/°C.


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