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Dual Op Amp Eyes Low-Power Apps, Comes In Wafer-Level Package

Highlighted by a packaging process that leaves the final product only slightly larger than the die itself, the LMC6035IBP is a dual op amp optimized for general-purpose, low-power applications. The device's leadless Micro-SMD package is applied to the die entirely at the wafer level using a patented encapsulation process on the front and back of the wafer. Standardized JEDEC bump pads with 0.5-mm pitch assure accurate pc board placement using existing assembly equipment. The package is 1.45 mm square and 0.9 mm tall.The amplifiers, with rail-to-rail outputs, operate at a 1.4-MHz gain-bandwidth to drive a 600 ohm load at 2.7V, 3V or 5V. Input current is just 20 fA.


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