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*************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** New Database Connectivity Toolkit from National Instruments Quickly interact with local and remote databases, perform many common database operations without SQL programming, and connect to popular databases, such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle with the easy-to-use tools in the LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit. To learn more and evaluate for free online, click here: http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C5:484C79 **************************************************************** Today's Table Of Contents: 1. Industry View *Backward Compatibility Is Important In Open-Standard Backplanes 2. Focus On Analog *Audio Amp Outputs More Power Using Less Board Space 3. News From The Editors *RoHS Catalog Identifies Old Parts With New Names *4-Gbyte Memory Module Comprises 72 Standard Devices *Protective Vents Tolerate Harsh Environments 4. Magazine Highlights: April 13, 2006 *Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- IP Integration Is Standard Fare *Technology Report -- Demanding Applications Push NAND Flash Densities *Leapfrog: First Look -- Mini CMOS MEMS Oscillator Marks A New Era For Timing *Design Solution -- Design High-Speed Data Links With Link-Level Simulation Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor mailto:[email protected] **************************************************************** ********************** 1. Industry View -- Exclusive to Electronic Design UPDATE ********************** Backward Compatibility Is Important In Open-Standard Backplanes By Justin Moll, Director of Marketing, Elma Bustronic Architectures like the VMEbus have been so successful largely due to their continued performance enhancements while maintaining backward compatibility. Over the years, the steps have been incremental for these types of backward-compatible open-standard (BCOS) technologies. But today, new innovations can take VME and CompactPCI to revolutionary levels... Read the full article at http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275BF:484C79 **************************************************************** *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** VARTA Introduces New Generation Lithium Polymer Batteries These new Polymer batteries from VARTA Microbattery deliver the highest energy density available with longer life expectancy and an enhanced discharge rate. VARTA PoLiFlex ultra-slim batteries provide excellent performance in extreme temperatures and exhibit virtually no swelling. The technology is intrinsically safe; the product is currently available. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C2:484C79 **************************************************************** *******************Live on ElectronicDesign.com***************** Free Webinar: Measurements and Analysis for Switch-Mode Design Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 2:00pm ET This seminar covers the measurements of interest for designers of switch-mode power-conversion circuits and devices. We'll review the acquisition of voltage and current, their relationship in switch-mode power-conversion circuits, and the analysis of power-device switching losses, conduction losses, safe operating area, and dynamic on-resistance. Register today! http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275BB:484C79 **************************************************************** ********************** 2. Focus On Analog ********************** ***Audio Amp Outputs More Power Using Less Board Space A tiny audio amplifier from National Semiconductor increases output power while shrinking package size by 30 percent over most existing amplifiers. According to the company, the LM4995 Boomer 1.3-W mono Class AB audio amplifier is housed in the world's smallest micro surface-mounted device (SMD) package, which measures 1.25 by 1.25 mm with a 0.4-mm pitch. It targets cell-phone hands-free and ringer functions. Operating on a single 5-V supply, the LM4995 can drive an 8-ohm speaker load at a continuous average output of 1.3 W with less than 1 percent total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N). It offers a power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of 74 dB at 217 Hz and a low quiescent power-supply current of 1.6 mA for longer battery life in portable systems. Pricing is $0.65 each in 1000-unit quantities. The amplifier is available now in a lead-free, nine-bump micro SMD package. An evaluation board is also available. National Semiconductor ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C6:484C79 ********************** 3. News -- From The Editors ********************** ***RoHS Catalog Identifies Old Parts With New Names A distributor of electronic components and test equipment has released an interactive RoHS-compliant catalog to help ease the transition to the EU directive. Newark InOne's Web-based catalog features 40,000 RoHS-compliant products. The tool lets users view both new and old part numbers of a particular product. This is important because many manufacturers have been changing part numbers as they release RoHS-compliant versions of their products. The catalog also serves as a guide, with sections dedicated to understanding the directive, analyzing parts' lists for compliance, ensuring accuracy, and information about purchasing RoHS-compliant products. The free catalog can be found on the company's Web site. Newark InOne ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275CA:484C79 ***4-Gbyte Memory Module Comprises 72 Standard Devices A 4-Gbyte, four-rank registered dual-inline memory module (RDIMM) from Staktek fits server and workstation applications. The module utilizes 72 standard 512-Mbyte memory devices to create a product that meets JEDEC specifications for RDIMM dimensions (30-mm core). According to the company, the four-rank memory organization can deliver better system performance than a two-rank memory module of the same capacity. The module is based on Staktek's ArctiCore Technology, which is designed to improve thermal, mechanical, and electrical performance in high-speed applications. Utilizing a double-sided, multilayer flexible circuit with embedded interconnect technology folded around a rigid thermal core, ArctiCore increases the available area for mounting devices while enhancing thermal management, reliability, and thinness. Licensing and manufacturing services for the 4-Gbyte, four-rank ArctiCore modules are currently available. Staktek Holdings Inc. ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275CB:484C79 ***Protective Vents Tolerate Harsh Environments The latest protective vent from W.L. Gore withstands extreme conditions such as widely fluctuating temperatures, extreme moisture, and large amounts of environmental contaminants. A tough metal housing delivers durability in harsh and explosive environments. The Gore Vent provides protection and pressure equalization for electrical enclosures, outdoor electronics, domestic appliances, and other products containing electronic components. Gore protective vents allow air to pass freely through housings, so they virtually eliminate the stress caused by sudden changes in temperature and pressure that can compromise gaskets or housing seals. These vents also provide the advantage of easy access to sensitive electronics for maintenance without enabling contaminants such as water, chemicals, oil, or dust to enter the housing. The vent is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. W.L. Gore and Associates ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275CC:484C79 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Give us your view and we may give you a t-shirt! Take our short "Industry Barometer" online survey to give us your unique view of the electronics industry. Five minutes are all it takes to answer eight short questions and enter to win one of five stylish Electronic Design t-shirts. Go to http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C4:484C79 **************************************************************** ********************** 4. Magazine Highlights ********************** In case you missed them, here are some of the high points of our most recent issue. April 13, 2006 * Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- IP Integration Is Standard Fare Solving the IP puzzle is getting easier, thanks to significant movement toward industry-standard IP exchange formats and new choices for interconnect fabrics. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275BE:484C79 * Technology Report -- Demanding Applications Push NAND Flash Densities Advances in process technology and cell structures promise higher storage capacities and faster read/write operation. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275BD:484C79 * Leapfrog: First Look -- Mini CMOS MEMS Oscillator Marks A New Era For Timing Use of standard CMOS processes, design, and packaging methods yields the smallest high-performance, low-cost programmable IC oscillator to date. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C1:484C79 * Design Solution -- Design High-Speed Data Links With Link-Level Simulation An integrating link simulator can act as a kind of "motherboard" for the various models and simulators used to tackle signal-integrity issues. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C0:484C79 For the complete Table of Contents, go to Electronic Design ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C3:484C79 **************************************************************** EiED Online -- Building A SAS RAID File Server Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Technology Editor Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "Building A SAS RAID File Server." Adaptec's 335SAS enclosure and 4805SAS RAID controller are the centerpieces to this high-performance server that Bill has built. It also incorporates AMD's FX-60 dual-core Athlon 64 processor on ASUS's latest K89N-LR motherboard. It's cool and fast. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275BC:484C79 ********************** TAKE A POLL! Researchers have created a nanotube-laced paint that blocks, or greatly attenuates, RF signals. Should it be used to block the ringing of cell phones in places like theaters? -- No, that violates my Constitutional rights -- Maybe, but it could be hazardous in emergency situations -- Yes, I hope it's used on a wide-scale basis -- There are better ways to deal with cell-phone noise Vote at Electronic Design ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=275C9:484C79 ****************************************************************




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