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*************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Free Report Generation Toolkit Easily create and edit reports with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel with the National Instruments LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office. Develop customized, professional reports with this library of flexible, easy-to-use VIs. Click here to view an interactive tutorial, or try it for free online: http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED9E:484C79 **************************************************************** Today's Table Of Contents: 1. Industry View *Designers Need Black-Box Recorders For Debugging 2. Focus On Analog *Audio Amps Drive Ceramic Speakers In Portables 3. News From The Editors *Single-Board Computer Fits 6U CompactPCI Slots *PC Viruses Mark 20 Years Of Malevolence *Biometric Sensor Has The Touch For PC Security 4. Magazine Highlights: January 12, 2006 -- Technology Forecast Issue *Technology Report -- Portables Prepare For New Power Challenges *Technology Report -- Where Is Embedded Headed? *Technology Report -- New Consumer Apps Hop Into The Driver's Seat *Technology Report -- Components Meld Mini Forms With Max Functions *Technology Report -- Wireless Speaks Volumes In Communications/Networking Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor mailto:[email protected] **************************************************************** ********************** 1. Industry View -- Exclusive to Electronic Design UPDATE ********************** Designers Need Black-Box Recorders For Debugging By Dan Rinkes, Emulation Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments Real-time systems can be difficult to debug, as experienced programmers know only too well. The intermittent bugs that often are discovered in the field and reported by customers are among the most troublesome. They're difficult to monitor because they frequently cause system crashes, wiping memory clean and corrupting data, so they can't be traced in the lab... Read the full article at http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED98:484C79 **************************************************************** *******************Live on ElecDesign.com*********************** Freescale Pop Quiz Win a Dragonfire Promotional Kit from Freescale! Test your microcontroller knowledge by answering five thought-provoking questions from Technology Editor Bill Wong. You'll be eligible for Freescale's Dragonfire Kit no matter what you score, so don't forget to enter your details and hit submit! http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1EDA0:484C79 Free Web Seminar: Troubleshooting Common Circuit Problems Using Digital Oscilloscopes Thursday, February 9, 2005 at 2:00 pm ET Join us to learn about the techniques available in modern digital oscilloscopes for troubleshooting circuit problems. This seminar will focus on practical, real-world examples showing how to troubleshoot common failure modes of circuits and components. Topics discussed will include finding small signals in the presence of noise, electromagnetic-interference/electrostatic-discharge tests, and troubleshooting crosstalk. Register today! http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED93:484C79 Free eBook: Black-Box Approach To ADCs This eBook provides a black-box approach to the traditional analog-to-digital coverter (ADC) tutorial. It concentrates on the common characteristics of all ADCs and what they imply for the system-level designer. The second chapter is now available. Download the first two chapters today! http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED9C:484C79 **************************************************************** ********************** 2. Focus On Analog ********************** ***Audio Amps Drive Ceramic Speakers In Portables A pair of single-chip audio power amplifiers in ultra-small packages helps create credit-card-thin handsets. The LM4962 and LM4953, part of National Semiconductor's Boomer ceramic-speaker-driver family, provide high capacitive loads for portable applications such as cell phones, smartphones, notebook computers, and other small handheld devices. Ceramic speakers are different from conventional moving-coil speakers -- they act as a capacitive load rather than a resistive load, require more voltage but less current, and are only 0.7 mm thick and often weigh less than 1 g. The LM4953 driver uses a charge pump to drive the ceramic speakers. It requires only eight external components, saving board space and eliminating the need for an expensive voltage regulator and large inductor. The LM4962 driver can save up to 80 percent board space over National's previous-generation driver by reducing the IC size from 25 mm square to 5 mm square. It integrates a boost converter with an audio power amplifier for mono ceramic speaker applications. The LM4962, available in a 28-bump thin micro surface-mount device package, costs $2.50. The LM4953 costs $1.85 in a 14-pin pullback leadless lead-frame package. All prices are in 1000-unit quantities. National Semiconductor ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1EDA7:484C79 ********************** 3. News -- From The Editors ********************** ***Single-Board Computer Fits 6U CompactPCI Slots Drawing its computing power from up to a 1.8-GHz Pentium M (or 1.3-GHz Celeron) processor, the CE9 single-board computer is constructed for ruggedness and reliability. The board carries up to 2 Gbytes of 333-MHz double-data-rate SDRAM with optional error-correction code and features a 400-MHz system bus. It can be used within a system or non-system 6U slot in a CompactPCI backplane. Providing abundant I/O, the CE9 includes dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, two serial I/O ports, four USB 2.0 ports, and a CompactFlash or 2.5-in. hard disk. For system designers needing additional I/O capability, the CE9 includes a PMC site that supports the IEEE 1386.1 standard, giving system designers lots of flexibility for expanding I/O capability with the company's line of wide-area network and local-area network I/O PMC modules. The board supports the Linux, VxWorks, and Windows XP operating systems. Pricing starts at $1730 each in large quantities. The board is available now. SBC Technologies ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1EDA6:484C79 ***PC Viruses Mark 20 Years Of Malevolence The boot-sector virus known as Brain was first detected in January 1986, but this relatively benign creation was just the beginning. This January marks a full 20 years since PC viruses began to proliferate. Boot-sector viruses, which are now extinct along with the floppy disks that originally carried Brain and its successors, were edged out by 1995 by the development of macro viruses, which sought to take advantages of weaknesses in early versions of Microsoft Windows. With the growth of the Internet and e-mail came worms, such as 1999's "Loveletter." The introduction of network worms in 2001 shrank the time for worldwide virus proliferation to an hour or less. Today, an estimated 150,000 viruses continue to spawn mutations. F-Secure Corp. ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1EDA5:484C79 ***Biometric Sensor Has The Touch For PC Security A tiny fingerprint sensor provides comprehensive protection for PC users against identity theft, forgotten passwords, finger spoofing, and other security threats. The EntrePad 1610 takes advantage of the Trusted Computing Group's (TCG) version 1.2 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specifications and Microsoft Vista Secure Startup, as well as future platforms such as Intel's LaGrande technology. The sensor also offers secure matcher and local fingerprint template storage in sensor flash as opposed to on a hard-disk drive, which translates into strong security with complete, secure upgradeability to protect against future spoofs or other PC threats. The 12- by 5-mm sensor quickly captures fingerprints from a swipe across its surface. An ultra-hard surface coating lends the device resistance to scratching and impacts. Total sensor and bill-of-materials costs are under $5. AuthenTec ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1EDA4:484C79 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Reverse Engineering: Is It Legal? Advances in electronics technology have forced reverse engineering (RE) to evolve into a specialized niche of the profession. While RE creates the knowledge of what a device is made from and how it is made, what's done with that knowledge spans the full spectrum of legality. Get the basics in our Web-exclusive article, "Reverse Engineering Delivers Product Knowledge, Aids Technology Spread." http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED99:484C79 **************************************************************** ********************** 4. Magazine Highlights ********************** In case you missed them, here are some of the high points of our most recent issue. January 12, 2006 -- Technology Forecast Issue: * Technology Report -- Portables Prepare For New Power Challenges Hungrier laptops and busier handhelds keep power-supply designers on their toes. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED9A:484C79 * Technology Report -- Where Is Embedded Headed? Perpetual change remains the norm for embedded hardware and software, even when it comes to standards. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED9B:484C79 * Technology Report -- New Consumer Apps Hop Into The Driver's Seat Digital may think it rules the consumer space, but analog still has a place in many applications. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED94:484C79 * Technology Report -- Components Meld Mini Forms With Max Functions Major advances help perpetuate the component designer mantra: Pack more features into less space. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED97:484C79 * Technology Report -- Wireless Speaks Volumes In Communications/Networking Wireless will lead the way in driving growth in the commuications and networking markets. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED95:484C79 For the complete Table of Contents, go to Electronic Design ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED9D:484C79 **************************************************************** EiED Online -- Insteon Now Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Technology Editor Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "Insteon Now." Building a better mousetrap? That's what Insteon from SmartHome is. Insteon is a replacement for the venerable X-10. Bill Wong checks out the Insteon development kits for combining powerline control with embedded devices. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1ED96:484C79 ********************** TAKE A POLL! How much personal satisfaction do you derive from your work as an engineer? -- A great deal -- A moderate amount -- A little -- None Vote at Electronic Design ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1EDA3:484C79 ****************************************************************




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