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Fast CMOS Switches Don't Skimp On Bandwith

High switching speeds combined with high signal bandwidth—that’s what you’ll find in Vishay Intertechnology’s two new series of quad SPST CMOS analog switches. They should find homes in a range of switching applications, including audio, video, data, and power. The Vishay Siliconix DG451 and DG454 series of devices possess four independently selectable 44V SPST switches, each with a typical on-resistance of 4OHM and a typical flatness of 0.2OHM, which are parameters well-suited for low-distortion audio signal switching. All of the devices are pin-compatible with the Vishay Siliconix DG411, DG412, and DG413, but with significantly lower on-resistance and faster switching times. In addition, the DG454 series offers the benefit of not requiring a logic voltage pin. The advantages of this feature include no requirement for a 5V power supply to operate, no need for a PCB trace connecting the logic voltage pin, and no need for power-supply sequencing.

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