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Fast Video Op Amps Guarantee 300-MHz Bandwidth

The LT1398 and LT1399 are dual and triple current feedback op amps with 300-MHz bandwidth at a gain of 2 and gain flatness of 0.1 dB up to 150 MHz. The units are said to maintain excellent linearity while driving cables and other low-impedance loads and can drive large capacitive loads. These characteristics make the units suited for driving LCD displays and other RGB applications in VGA and higher resolution video graphics.The addition of a small series resistor enables the amplifiers to drive very large capacitive loads typical of LCD panels. For a 300-pF load and a 6V output step, both devices settle to 0.1% in just 35 ns. They provide sharp images with their 800V/µs slew rate and 1.3-ns rise and fall times. Each amplifier within these dual and triple parts has an individual shutdown pin for easy multiplexing and signal routing.Power consumption is just 4.5 mA/amplifier. Supply current falls to zero at shutdown, which helps conserve battery power in portables. Each amplifier can source and sink a minimum of 80 mA.


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