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FETs Squeeze Into Multiple Wireless Apps

Announced as the industry’s smallest FETs for wireless designs, the VMMK-1218 and VMMK-1225 measure 1 mm x 0.5 mm x 0.25 mm. Forecasting lower costs and ease of use, the devices do not require negative voltage to operate. The VMMK-1225 supports 0.5 GHz to 26.5 GHz frequency ranges with a noise figure of less than 0.95 dB and 12 dB of available gain under 50-Ohm conditions at 12 GHz. It also delivers a 23-dBm output third-order intercept and 8 dBm of output power. The VMMK-1218 operates from 0.5 to 18 GHz with a noise figure of less than 0.85 dB and 9 dB of available gain under 50-Ohm conditions at 10 GHz. The FET also provides a 22-dBm output third-order intercept and 12 dBm of output power. Target applications for both devices include commercial radios, UWB, radar, base stations, military communications, RF sensors, WiMAX, and satellite communications. Prices for the VMMK-1218 and VMMK-1225 begin at $1.19 and $1.32 each/1,000, respectively. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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