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FETs Tout Ultra-Low On-Resistance

According to the company, the Si4336DY and Si7336DP power MOSFETs offer a 13.5% better on-resistance-times-gate charge product of 83 mWnC when compared to the next-best SO-8 devices on the market. Designed for use as the low-side MOSFET in synchronous buck converters or for synchronous rectification, the devices claim reduced switching and conduction losses or higher current operation with the same efficiency. Both devices operate at frequencies up to 1 MHz and feature a typical on-resistance of 2.6 mW (VGS = 10 V) with a typical gate charge of 32 nC (VGS = 4.5). Additionally, the FETs are completely Rg tested to minimize the effect of device variation and ensure performance to min./max. specs in high-frequency applications. Pricing starts at $1.35 each/10K. VISHAY SILICONIX, Santa Clara, CA. (619) 336-0860.


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