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Four High-Speed Dual Comparators Target ATE

The EL5281C and EL5283C feature a 6-ns propagation delay and operate from 10 mA of supply current per channel, while the EL5285C and EL5287C feature a 4-ns propagation delay and 16 mA of current per channel. All have an input voltage range of 5V to 12V and common mode input ranges that go below the lower rail. The output sections have their own supplies and can be used to interface directly with 3V or 5V logic. The El5281C and EL5285C have two completely separate comparators, whereas the EL5283C and EL5287C are configured as a window comparator in which a single input signal is compared against a higher and lower limit. The EL5281C and EL5285C are available in 14-pin SOIC packages and cost $3.19 and $3.73 each/1,000, respectively, while the EL5283C and EL5287C come in 10-pin MSOP packages and are priced at $3.28 and $3.84 each/1,000, respectively.


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