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Fully Differential Ultra-Low Distortion Amplifier Supports 12- And 14-Bit ADCs

The THS4502 ultra-low distortion amplifier provides fully differential signaling to support 12- and 14-bit analog to digital converters (ADCs) operating at 80 Msamples/s and higher. It offers third-order intermodulation distortion (IMD3) of −95 dB below the carrier (dBc) and a third-order intercept point (IP3) of 50 dB at 30 MHz. Key signaling features include a unity-gain bandwidth of 360 MHz and a slew rate of 2800 V/µs. The outputs are differential, and the output current rating is 100 mA. The amplifier uses ±5-V supplies and offers a power-down feature. An alternate device, the THS4503, is identical but comes without the power-down mode. Implemented in BiCom II technology, the amplifiers are offered in eight-pin SOIC or eight-pin micro-SOP packages. In quantities of 1000, the amplifier costs $3.77.

Texas Instruments
www.ti.com; (800) 477-8924

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