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GaN HEMT Transistors Widen Power Range

GaN HEMT Transistors Widen Power Range

The company’s latest two GaN HEMT transistors expand the power range of its current offerings as well as addressable applications. The CGH40006P, a 6W GaN HEMT transistor, covers a frequency range of DC through 6 GHz and is suitable for use in driver and medium power stages within broadband amplifier topologies. Performing in a demo amp with a 28V operating voltage, it provides a 2 GHz to 6 GHz instantaneous bandwidth achieving 12 dB average small signal gain and 8W typical saturated output power at greater than 50% drain efficiency over the entire band. Also on tap is the CGH31240F, a high-power class A/B S-Band GaN HEMT transistor. It is an internally-matched 240W packaged device for the 2.7 GHz to 3.1 GHz band. Groomed for civil radar applications such as weather and air traffic control, as well as for marine radar, it operates at 28V and provides over 10 dB power gain while providing over 240W saturated power with greater than 50% power added efficiency using a 300 µs, 10% duty cycle pulsed signal. CREE INC., Durham, NC. (919) 313-5300.
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