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GaN Power Transistors Seek WiMAX Duties

Targeted at the WiMAX market, a new family of RF power transistors is based on the company's SIGANTIC (gallium nitride-on-silicon) technology. GaNs higher power density enables the design of packaged devices with higher input and output impedances (20Ω), eliminating the need for output matching. The family will initially consist of 10W and 50W devices supporting both the 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz segments of the WiMAX market. The first member of the family scheduled for release is the NPT35050 (3.5 GHz, 50W). Using a typical single carrier OFDM (802.16d) waveform, the performance of the device at Vds of 28V and Idq of 1,000 mA is 5W of average output power with an EVM of 2%, efficiency of 18% and gain of 10 dB. Sample kits for the NPT35050 are available for $950 and include two devices and an application board. NITRONEX CORP., Raleigh, NC. (919) 807-9100.


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