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Gate-Drive Optocouplers Outfit Industrial Inverters

Ready for use in power-management applications and industrial inverters, the ACPL-333J and ACPL-330J intelligent gate drive optocouplers offer 2.5A and 1.5A output currents, respectively, and are available in SO-16 packages meeting minimum 8-mm creepage and clearance requirements. Both devices promise to improve the precision and efficiency of motor inverters by featuring active Miller clamping, integrated Vce desaturation detection, under-voltage lockout protection, soft shut down, isolated fault feedback, and automatic fault reset. Active Miller clamping eliminates the need for a negative gate drive, saving negative power supply and PCB space. Prices for the ACPL-333J and ACPL-330J are $3.38 and $2.81 each/10,000, respectively, and will be available beginning September 30. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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