Electronic Design

Gesture Technologies Enhance User Interface Experiences

Forecasting ever more exciting and productive PC experiences, the company is unleashing several human interface technologies at COMPUTEX 2010. TouchPad-IS debuts as the first fully capable, multi-finger touch technology that can accurately recognize four-finger gestures (the PS/2 interface maximum). The new TouchPad-IS platform, found in the Series 3 TouchPad’s and ClickPads, also demonstrate SmartSense technology, which prevents accidental activation of the cursor when a user’s palm unintentionally contacts the TouchPad. ClickEQ logs on as the industry’s first hinge-less uniform force, uniform click depth ClickPad mechanical design, which makes it easier for users to activate typical button actions. ClickPad eliminates the need for physical buttons, i.e., the TouchPad is the button, and provides a larger area for gestures. Additionally, the latest ClickPad features ClickSmart technology, which enables users to control the left and right button commands on their ClickPad universally. Users and OEMs are not burdened with having to select click usage behaviors. ClickSmart provides a universal support mode that accommodates both traditional and modern user click behaviors. For more details, call SYNAPTICS, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 454-5100.


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