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Headphone/Mono Speaker Amplifier Suits Small Portable Applications

Integrating a Boomer 85-mW stereo headphone amplifier and a 1.5-W mono speaker amplifier, the LM4854 is ideally suited for small portable applications. This device targets 3- and 5-V systems requiring both a mono speaker output and a headphone output. The LM4854 features a fast 0.1-ms turn-on and turn-off time. A headphone sense pin is used to switch from mono BTL to an SE headphone configuration. Advanced pop and click suppression circuitry provides quieter turn-on and turn-off. The device eliminates output coupling capacitors, saving component count and board space. The LM4854 is available in 12-bump micro SMD, 14-pin LLP, and 14-pin TSSOP packaging. In 1000-unit quantities, the combination headphone amplifier/mono speaker amplifier costs $1.10.

National Semiconductor
www.national.com; (800) 272-9959

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