Electronic Design

Heart Monitor Uses Quickfilter Signal Converter

HD Medical Group Ltd. has selected the QF4A512 four-channel programmable signal converter from Quickfilter Technologies for use in the ViScope 100 cardiac anomaly indicator. Similar in size and shape to a PDA, the ViScope 100 allows physicians to detect anomalies relating to the mechanical functioning of the heart.

The instrument displays the heart sounds as waveforms and picks up the anomalies at the point of care. The unit is powered by a Li-ion battery similar to those used in mobile phones. A fully charged device can operate continuously for up to eight hours.

The QF4A512 and the QuickfilterPro4A software allow systems designers to quickly and easily add precision digital filtering to an application. The chip provides an integrated solution including four channels of analog acquisition, on-board analog-to-digital conversion, anti-aliasing filters, programmable gain, and FIR filtering. The device is reprogrammable and can be controlled via a simple microcontroller. Combined with a wireless controller, the device makes it easier to implement a wireless sensor.

“The Quickfilter QF4A512 provides a single integrated solution for handling four channels of data acquisition, programmable gain, and digital filtering,” said Damon Coffman, chief technical officer at HD Medical. “This easy-to-use solution gave us the ability to deliver a product which is both high performance yet simple to use.”

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