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Electronic Design

Heart-Rate AFE Monitors Remotely

ADI_0809-AADI’s AD8232 single-lead analog front end (AFE) for heart-rate monitoring combines the power, size and level of integration to enable designers in developing heart rate and cardiac monitor devices for use outside of critical-care settings. The AFE is designed specifically to meet the ECG signal conditioning requirements of vital sign monitors in emerging fitness, wearable monitoring and remote health monitoring equipment. The flexible analog filtering configuration of the monitor incorporates a two-pole, high-pass filter that is tightly coupled with the instrumentation amplifier architecture, and an uncommitted operational (gain) amplifier that enables the user to employ multi-pole low pass filtering techniques to remove line noise and other interference. By performing large-gain and high-pass signal conditioning in a single stage in the analog domain, the monitor accommodates electrode DC offsets while operating on a single supply voltage. Samples of the AD8232 AFE are available now with full production due in August 2012. Packaging is 4-mm x 4-mm 20-pin LFCSP and pricing is $1.36 each/1,000.


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