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High-Bandwidth Analog Switches Set New Performance Levels

A line of 5-V analog switches from Siliconix boasts an order-of-magnitude improvement in performance over previous devices. Typical charge injection has been lowered to 1 pC, minimizing glitching and reducing noise, distortion, and leakage for significantly improved accuracy, speed, and throughput.

The DG94xx series offers a 250-MHz bandwidth, while the industry standard is 10 MHz. For voltage operation from 2.7 to 5 V, Siliconix has released three single-SPDT switches, the DG9411/31/61, and two dual-SPST switches, the DG9232/33. Except for the DG9411, these switches provide a 35-ns turn-on time, a 20-ns turn-off time, a 200-pA maximum leakage current, a 1-pC charge injection, and 2000-V minimum ESD protection.

The DG9411 features faster switching speeds with a 9-ns turn-on time and a 5-ns turn-off time, as well as a 5-pC charge injection. In addition, two single-SPST analog switches are designed for both single and dual supplies. The DG9421/22 are rated for 2.7- to 12-V single-supply operation and ±3.0- to ±6.0-V dual-supplies. They also offer a 2-W on-resistance, a 20-ns turn-on time, a 22-ns turn-off time, 0.20-nA leakage, and 2000-V minimum ESD protection.

All of the switches guarantee break-before-make action. They come in a variety of SO packages. In 100,000-piece quantities, pricing starts at $0.35.

Vishay Siliconix, www.vishay.com; (408) 988-8000.

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