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High-Current Charge Pump Targets Photo-Flash LED Drivers

The AAT3170 from Advanced Analogic Tech is a high-output-current, high-efficiency, low-noise, low-profile charge pump dc-dc converter that is well suited for multifunction LED photo-flash applications. Running on a 2.7- to 5.5-V supply, the device's dual charge pump can deliver 600 mA of output current. Two current-controlled paths are available for users of dual flash LEDs that prefer current matching. Each LED channel can be programmed in 32 steps with one GPIO output through the AS2Cwire (Advanced Simple Serial Control) interface. The tri-mode (1X, 1.5X, 2X) operation of the internal charge pump delivers excellent power efficiency for both flash and movie modes. This and a low external parts count (no inductors are needed) make the AAT3170 a good fit for small, battery-powered devices.

The IC has a thermal management system to protect the device in the event of a short circuit at the output pin. Built-in soft-start circuitry prevents excessive in-rush current during start-up. The shutdown feature disconnects the load from V\[subscript\]IN and reduces quiescent current to less than 1.0 µA. Rated temperature range is -40°C to +85°C. The AAT3170 comes in a lead-free, thermally enhanced, 12-pin 3- by 3-mm TDFN package.


Check with the company on availability of the AAT3170.


Check with the company for pricing information.


Visit www.analogictech.com.

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