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High-Directivity Couplers Feature Tight Tolerances

The CP0402P series of integrated thin-film couplers from AVX Corp. delivers high directivity of 20 to 27 dB and a very tight ±0.5-dB coupling factor tolerance. Based on the proprietary RFAP thin-film technology, the couplers can improve gain control in high-frequency applications like cellular and WiMAX wireless system transmitters.

The series includes six versions, with coupling ranging from about –36 dB to about –23 dB at 500 MHz to about –14 dB to about –4 dB at 6.0 GHz. Specific frequency bands covered range from the 824- to 849-MHz AMPS band to the 2400- to 2484-MHz wireless local-area network (WLAN) band.

Finished parts are 100% tested for electrical parameters and visual characteristics. Also, each production lot is evaluated on a sampled basis for static humidity and endurance. The couplers are rated for 3 W continuous RF power and an operating/storage temperature range of –40°C to 85°C.

Designed for automatic assembly processes, the couplers come in a rugged 0402 case size with land grid array (LGA) termination that offers a low profile, low parasitics, and self-alignment during reflow. Typical pricing for the CP0402P is $0.19, with a lead time of 10 weeks.

AVX Corp.


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