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High-Gain, Low-Noise HJ FET Excels In DBS LNBs

The NE3515S02 hetero-junction FET is well suited for use as a buffer amplifier in applications like direct broadcast satellite low-noise block converters and high-dynamic-range front ends. At 12 GHz and a supply voltage of 3 V, the NE3515S02 delivers a P1dB of +144 dBm with 14 dB linear gain, while maintaining a typical noise figure under 0.5 dB. Available now from CEL, the NE3515S02 is housed in NEC’s RoHS-compliant S02 package. This hollow plastic surface-mount package has an overall footprint of 3.2 by 3.2 mm and features recessed leads for lower inductance and improved performance. In stock and available now, the NE3515S02 costs $0.99 in quantities of 10,000. CALIFORNIA EASTERN LABORATORIES, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 919-2500.


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