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High Slew-Rate CMOS Op-Amp Features Programmable Vos

Two new slew-rate CMOS operational amplifiers have been designed as high precision versions of the ALD1704 op-amps. The new ALD2724E device permits optional user-programmable offset voltage trimming using EPAD technology. The ALD2724, which is pre-programmed at the factory under standard operating conditions for minimum Vos, is intended for standard op-amp applications where little or no electrical programming by the user is needed. These devices are suited for applications in portable instruments, sensor pre-amplifiers, transducer biasing, and precision gain circuits. Standard offset voltage specifications for both devices are typically 25 mV at 0.01 pA input bias current. The ALD2724E has a guaranteed input offset programming range of ±5 mV and is recommended for applications requiring electrical user-programming for further Vos trimming. Both devices feature rail-to-rail input/output voltage ranges, tolerance to over-voltage input of 300 mV beyond supply rails, ±5V supply operation, high capacitive loading up to 4,000 pF, input currents of 0.01 pA typical, 2.1 MHz bandwidth, slew-rate of 5 V/ms, and supply current of 5.0 mA. The ALD2724E/ALD2724 are priced at $1.83/$1.46 respectively/1,000. ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 747-1155.


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