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High-Speed Buffer Amps Feature Nominal Differential Phase, Gain

Two high-speed buffer amplifiers can increase bandwidth and minimize distortion for high-performance video applications. The LMH6559 is a single, high-speed, closed-loop buffer amplifier with 1.75-GHz bandwidth, a 4580-V/ms slew rate, 0.02° differential phase, and 0.06% differential gain. The LMH6560 is a quad, high-speed, closed-loop buffer amplifier with a 3100-V/ms slew rate. It provides the same low differential gain and phase as the LMH6559. Available in SOIC-8 and SOT23-5 packaging, the LMH6559 costs $1.39 each per 1000 units. The LMH6560, offered in SOIC-14 and TSSOP-14 packages, costs $3.35 in similar lots.

National Semiconductor Corp.;
(800) 272-9959

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