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High-Speed Op Amps Ease Battery Stress

Five operational amplifiers offer a range of performance levels, from 75 MHz at 0.5 mA supply current to 7.3 MHz at 70µA supply current. The amps typically provide ten times more bandwidth and slew rate than CMOS amplifiers in the same supply current class. A proprietary gain stage allows the devices to achieve as much as a 50% higher slew rate. The KM4110 has a slew rate of 50 V/µs and a bandwidth of 75 MHz and a noise level of 12 nV/Hz. With a supply current of less than 70 µA, the KM4112 provides a 7 MHz gain-bandwidth with a slew rate of 9 V/µs. For high bandwidth applications, the KM4111 and KM4121 offer a 35 MHz bandwidth and a 27 V/µs slew rate, at 0.2 mA.


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