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High-Voltage DAC Outputs Over 200V

Capable of delivering over 200V at its output, the HVDAC 200 is a 4-channel, 9-Bit, serially-configurable voltage/current DAC. The device operates in either voltage- or current-mode. In voltage mode, the output range of the DAC is controlled by a low-voltage reference input, and each channel includes a 5-bit output offset adjustment. The voltage range can be adjusted from 20V to 200V. In current mode, two different output currents can be selected: 500 µA and 5 µA. All channels include over-current limit protection, and an on-chip temperature sensor monitors device temperature to activate shut down in the event of overheating. Communications with the device are serially via an SPI interface that includes a signal retransmission feature, enabling the daisy chaining of multiple devices on a single SPI bus. By integrating high-voltage circuitry and digital control on a single chip, device count is reduced and system reliability is enhanced. Volume pricing for the HVDAC 200 is $2.00 each. GOAL SEMICONDUCTOR, Montreal, Canada. (800) 943-4625.


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