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High-Voltage FETs Operate Faster And More Efficiently

Representing the first devices fabricated using the company's SuperMESH technology, the 650V STL5NK65Z, 600V STP13NK60Z and 500V STP14NK50Z N-channel power MOSFETs boast of typical on-resistances of just 1.50 ohms, 0.46 ohm and 0.33 ohm, respectively; source drain current (ISD) for the FETs is 4.5A, 12A and 12A. SuperMESH technology is said to offer 30% lower RDS(on) than previous generation parts, as well as offering a reduced VGS(th) spread from 2V to 1.5V, allowing optimized driving control. Another feature of the SuperMESH family (NKxxZ) is its built-in back-to-back zener diodes between gate and source terminals, with the 25V zeners serving to improve resistance to electrostatic discharges and to protect the gate oxide against damage from spurious voltage spikes. The diodes also preclude the need for external protection devices. The high voltage power MOSFETs are targeted for use in off-line and switch-mode power supplies, power factor correctors, lamp ballasts, and high-intensity discharge lamps. The NK65Z FET comes in the new PowerFLAT package costing $0.80 each/1,000 and the NK60Z and NK50Z parts come housed in D2PAK, I2PAK and TO-220 packages, with the former priced at $0.90 and the latter, $1.20. For more information, contact Wayne Salata at STMICROELECTRONICS INC., Lexington, MA. (847) 585-3023.


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