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High-Voltage Power MOSFETs Cut System Power Losses

Using a multi epitaxy layer to improve on-resistance (RDS(ON)), a pair of high voltage power MOSFETs, the FCP11N60 and FCPF11N60, are designed to reduce power losses and increase efficiency in switch-mode power supply and power-factor correction applications. Both devices have an RDS(ON) rating of 0.32Ω (typical) and a low Figure of Merit (on-resistance x gate charge), which makes for reduced gate driver power requirements and smaller switching power losses. Minimum breakdown voltage (BVDSS ) for both types is 600V, and drain current is a maximum of 11A. The devices can withstand a current change rate (di/dt) of 1430 A/µs. The FCP11N60 is packaged in a TO-220 while the FCPF11N60 is mounted in a TO-220F package. Maximum power dissipation for the FCP11N60 is 125W and for the FCPF11N60 is 36W. Pricing for the FCP11N60 is $3.04 each/1,000 and for the FCPF11N60 is $3.19 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 822-227.


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