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Hot-Plug Switch Outfits 12-V Backplanes

The DS4560 self-protected, resettable hot-plug switch promises to reduce the number of components necessary for the safe insertion and removal of systems on 12-V backplanes. It integrates a 25-mΩ N-channel power MOSFET capable of powering a load from a 9- to 13.2-V source with up to 4 A of continuous current. The DS4560 also provides an adjustable power-up timer that causes the device to wait for a predetermined delay time before starting to apply power to the load. Alternatively, the device can be driven with a digital logic signal to implement an externally controlled power-enable function. It also integrates a temperature sensor with hysteresis and is available in two versions. The DS4560-LO unconditionally shuts down and latches off while awaiting a power-on reset, while the DS4560-AR waits until the device has cooled by the hysteresis amount and then restarts. Available in an eight-pin small-outline package, the DS4560-LO (latch-off) and DS4560-AR (auto-retry) cost $0.95 each/10,000.

Maxim Integrated Products


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