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ICs Tackle Industrial Apps With Advanced Trench Technology

The first three products based on Analog Devices' 36-V iPolar trench-isolation process technology are now available. The iPolar process replaces the diffusion layers of traditional bipolar processes with trench isolation, improving performance and shrinking die size.

The rail-to-rail AD8675 precision amplifier has a voltage noise density less than 3nV/(check)Hz. It uses 30% less power, has 75% lower input bias current, and exhibits 65% less drift over temperature. And, it does all this with triple the bandwidth and half the cost and size of industrial voltage amplifiers built on older processes.

The AD8677 OP07 op amp features 75-mV (maximum) offset and 1.3 mV/°C while cutting bias current in half. Power-supply and common-mode rejection are improved as well. Meanwhile, the quad ADA4004-4 precision amplifier boasts a 2-nV/(check)Hz voltage noise at 1.7 mA/A of supply current. It doesn't require a heatsink or fans.

All three chips are currently sampling and will be available in production quantities in September. Pricing for the AD8675 is $1.17 per unit in 1000-piece quantities. The AD8677 costs $0.75, and the AD4004-4 costs $3.04.

Analog Device

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