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IGBTs Promise Smaller, More Powerful Motor Drives

Designed to provide more power for motor drives in a smaller space, Generation 4 600V and 1200V motor control IGBTs offer 20% to 40% less conduction losses and/or 30% to 50% less switching losses to out-perform previous generations. Typically used for 0.25 to 7.5 kW ac or dc motors, the devices are available as discretes and in Co-Packs (IGBTs with built-in freewheeling diodes) designated as IRG4xxxKxxx. Housing for the IGBTs include TO-220, TO-247, Super-247, and surface-mount DPAK, D2PAK and SMD-10 packages. Low VCD(ON) reduces heatsink requirements and minimizes switching losses to allow 16 to 25 kHz switching frequencies with the least compromise, its claimed.


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