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IGBTs Trim Thermal Resistance

Employing a building block approach to provide multiple configuration options, improve manufacturability, and reduce development time, the NX-Series IGBT modules exploit high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramic to improve heat transfers to the heat sink. According to the company, this results in lower chip temperatures and more than a ten-fold improvement in thermal cycle life. The modules feature a common base plate and case shell with interchangeable screw terminal boxes and pin terminals to create single, dual, seven-pack, and converter-inverter-brake circuit configurations ranging from 75A to 600A at 600V and 35A to 600A at 1.2 kV with NTC thermistor outputs in a 17-mm thick package. Other features include fifth-generation carrier stored trench gate bipolar transistor chip technology, which allegedly provides lower switching and conduction losses when compared to conventional IGBTs. Sample prices range from $62 to $177 each. POWEREX INC., Youngwood, PA. (800) 451-1415.


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