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Image Sensor Provides Early Warning On The Road

Designed for automotive front-vision applications, the MLX75307 CMOS image sensor proactively alerts drivers to potential dangers. The device features a high dynamic range pixel matrix capable of extending both the input and output dynamic ranges, performing beyond piecewise linear response. Additionally, it features a low-light response boost which increases image brightness and contrast in low light conditions. As per the current EMVA1288 standard, the 12-bit sensor has the ability to detect NIR light irradiance below 500 photons per pixel at a frame rate of 150 fps. This corresponds to detecting a candle at distance beyond 250m with a typical night vision lens. Expect production of the MLX75307 in 2009. For more information, contact Sue Brocius at MELEXIS USA, Concord, NH. (603) 223-2362.


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TAGS: Automotive
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