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Infrared Emitters Optimized for 850-nm Wavelength

The company’s two infrared emitters have been optimized for an 850-nm wavelength and are aimed at improving the optical efficiency of CMOS camera illumination systems when compared to industry-standard 870-nm emitters. The TSHG6200 is supplied in the leaded T 1-3/4 package while the TSMG3700 comes in a miniature PLCC-2 surface mount (SMD) package. Each of these components specifies a rise time of 20 and a maximum forward voltage of 1.8V forward voltage. The TSHG6200 emitter is specified for a radiant intensity of 180 mW/sr at a forward current of 100 mA, and provides a ±10° angle of half intensity. For special applications in which a wider angle of intensity is required, the TSMG3700 has a radiant intensity of 10 mW/sr. In these situations, the component exhibits a ±60° angle of half intensity. Both the TSHG6200 and the TSMG3700 emitters are lead (Pb)-free devices to meet certain hazardous-materials restrictions. Pricing for the TSHG6200 is $39.50/100 in 50,000 quantities. For the TSMG3700, it is $21.50/100 in 50,000 quantities. For further information and availability, call VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC., Malvern, PA. (619) 336-0680.


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