Electronic Design

Integrated Photodetector IC Blazes With 140-MHz Bandwidth

The SP8051 photodetector IC could very well tame the demanding requirements of next-generation writable DVD and CD drives. With a 140-MHz bandwidth, it offers four high-speed data-detection channels and four additional tracking channels. The device, which features 350-V/ms slew rates, offers a 70-dB power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR) with less than 5 mV of differential offset between the channels. Also, the SP8051 provides three selectable gain settings and two differential data summing outputs. It features a 12-ns differential output settling time and 9-ns fast channel settling time. Offered in a 16-pin COB package, the SP8051 costs $1.55 each in lots of 100,000.

Sipex Corp.

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