Electronic Design

Jerald Graeme

Graeme (2003)

When ICs and op amps were separate devices, Jerald Graeme was among the first to develop a combined IC op amp while at Burr-Brown, in a 1968 team effort with Motorola. He designed many more op amps and video amplifiers whose precision, high speed, or low drift amplification made them a very useful component in a variety of analog applications. Nine U.S. patents and numerous foreign counterparts resulted from these designs. The internationally acknowledged authority on electronic amplifiers wrote five very popular books about op amps, the latest being Photodiode Amplifiers: Op Amp Solutions and Optimizing Op Amp Performance. The latter, subtitled "A new approach for maximizing op amp behavior in circuit designs without extensive mathematical analysis," offers design equations and models that reflect real-world op amp behavior and makes analysis of difficult-looking configurations easy. Graeme's earlier books are: Op Amps: Design and Application, Designing with Operational Amplifiers, and Amplifier Applications of Op Amps. He expects signal processing with op amps to be the domain of digital devices, but they will still require an analog interface to integrate with real-world items like process control or avionics.

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