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Low-Distortion 2.5-GHz Op Amp Squelches Noise

Using its BiComm-III complementary bipolar silicon-germanium process, Texas Instruments rolled out the THS4304 2.5-GHz (unity gain bandwidth) wideband voltage-feedback op amp with total harmonic distortion of −70 dBc (at 32 MHz, 2 V p-p into a 100-Ω load) and low noise of 2/4 nV/V-Hz. The process addresses the future needs of high-speed, high-performance monolithic op amps.

The THS4304 operates from a single 3- to 5-V power supply with performance equal to previous high-speed op amps that require 10 V. The voltage-feedback architecture gives users complete control of the feedback and gain-setting components, allowing for high-frequency filtering and general amplifier circuits.

A slew rate of 800 V/µs and a fast settling time of 6 ns to within 0.1% with 1-V steps create a combination fast enough for wireless basestations, relay stations, and other infrastructure equipment. Its third-order output intercept point is 27 dBm at 70 MHz, and power consumption is only 90 mW in the quiescent mode.

The THS4304 comes in a five-pin SOT-23 (DBV), eight-pin SOIC (D), or an eight-pin SMOP (DGK) package. Avail-able now in limited sample quantities, volume production is scheduled for the second quarter. In 1000-unit lots, the planned price is $2.00 each.

Texas Instruments Inc.

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