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Low-Power Dual Op Amp Suits Portables

To meet the needs of battery-powered portables, the MIC7122 dual op amp is a low-power, low-voltage CMOS device in miniature MSOP-8 packaging. The unit features a rail-to-rail output stage that swings to within 1 mV maximum of the rails, which is closer than any competing device available today, it's claimed. Input common-mode range exceeds the rails, and the CMOS input ensures that bias currents are typically less than 1 pA.Operating current is a low 350 µA per amplifier and supply voltages can range from as high as 15V down to 2.2V. Gain-bandwidth product is 0.75 MHz and the slew rate is 0.7V/µs when operating from 2.2V supplies. The amp drives 200 pF loads with supplies of 5V or more. Samples are available from stock; production lots ship from stock to eight weeks.


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