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Low-Power Op Amp Family Features Tiny Packages, Low Noise

The TSH11x family of wide-band, low-noise, low-power operational amplifiers offers high performance for video applications at a low cost. Offered in tiny packages, the devices meet the requirements of high-volume consumer applications.

The family comprises five op amps: the single-channel TSH110 and TSH-111, the dual-channel TSH112, the triple-channel TSH-113, and the quad-channel TSH114. Each current-feedback op amp features a slew rate of 490 V/ms and a bandwidth of 100 MHz for a 3.5-mA current consumption. The TSH111 and TSH113 also feature a standby function for each channel, offering a power-down mode with high current impedance.

The op amps can operate from ±2.5 to ±6 V with a dual-supply voltage or from 5 to 12 V on a single-supply voltage. Distortion is −65 dB at 2 MHz for an output of 2 V peak on a 100-W load. With a gain flatness of 25 MHz at a 6-dB gain, the devices' bandwidth is 100 MHz. Intermodulation distortion of −85 dB makes these amplifiers ideal for receiving ADSL signals. They're also useful for driving the RF signals in optical storage ap-plications.

While the TSH-110 comes in a miniature SOT23-5L package, the TSH111 and TSH-112 are available in SO-8 and TSSOP8 packages. The TSH113 and TSH114 come in SO-14 and TSSOP14 packages. Pricing for the TSH11x family ranges from $0.53 to $1.15 in 1000-unit quantities.

STMicroelectronics, (781) 861-2650;

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