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Low-Power Op Amps Suit Battery-Powered Applications

The OPA344 and OPA345 families of dual, precision operational amplifiers feature rail-to-rail input and output in micro-sized packages. Their low power consumption is said to make them ideal for battery-powered applications. The OPA344 is unity-gain stable and provides a 1-MHz gain bandwidth and a slew rate of 0.8 V/µs. The OPA345 is optimized for gains greater than or equal to 5 and offers a gain-bandwidth product of 3 MHz and a slew rate of 2 V/µs. Both devices operate on a single supply voltage from 2.5 to 5.5 V within the input common-mode voltage range that extends to 300 mV beyond the supplies. Output swing is within 1 mV with a 100-kiloohm load. Other features include a quiescent current of 250 µA maximum, an open-loop gain of 122 dB, and a THD+N of 0.006%. Available in either an SOT23-5 or SO-8 package, prices start at $0.67 each/1,000. Other dual and quad versions in MSOP-8, SO-8, TSSOP-14 and SO-14 packages are also available.


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