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Low On-Resistance MOSFETs Enhance SMPS

Promising to reduce power losses in switched mode power supplies (SMPS), the company’s latest 5V and 100V MOSFETs are optimized with low on-state resistance to reduce power loss in the secondary stage of SMPS. The first four MOSFETs in the lineup target AC power adapters or AC/DC power supplies in computing and consumer electronics. Three 75V devices and one 100V device can each be used as either the switch or synchronous MOSFET in the secondary stage of a SMPS. Three 75V devices provide a choice of current rating, on resistance, and packaging. The TK40A08K3 specifies a current rating of 40A with a typical on resistance of of 7.0 milliOhms and comes in a TO-220SIS package (TO-220F isolated). The TK80A08K3 sports a current rating of 80A, on resistance of 3.6 milliOhms, and resides in a TO-220SIS package. The 75V/80A TK80D08K3 has similar characteristics to the TK80A08K3 and comes in a non-isolated TO-220 package. The fourth device, TK40A10K3, is a 100V/40A device with typical on resistance of 11.5 miliOhms and resides in a TO-220SIS package. Prices in sample quantities start at $0.80 each. TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS INC., Irvine, CA. (949) 623-2900.


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