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Low V<sub>CE(SAT)</sub> Transistors Come In Low-Profile SOT-923 Package

Two small-signal transistors, the CMBT3904E (NPN) and CMBT3906E (PNP), come housed in the space saving SOT-923 surface-mount package. Both devices are 40-V general purpose transistors with a maximum collector current of 200 mA and low typical VCE(SAT) specifications of 0.057 V @10 mA and 0.1 V @50 mA. The SOT-923 surface-mount package has a maximum 0.41-mm profile and occupies 1.1-mm x 0.65-mm of board space. This package has a power dissipation of 100 mW and is RoHS compliant. The CMBT3904E and CMBT3906E are available bulk packed or as 8000 pieces on 7-in. tape-and- reel. Pricing starts at $0.068 each for 8000-piece tape-and-reel. Sample devices are available upon request. CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-1110.


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