Electronic Design

Make A Dual ECL Latch Function As A Dual R-S Flip-Flop

The MC1030 is a clocked dual D-type latch. Any change in the D input will be reflected at the output while the clock is low. The outputs are latched on the clock's positive transition. Also, this device features set and reset inputs that don't override the clock and D inputs. They're effective only when one of the clock inputs is high.

Even though this IC is supposed to work as a latch circuit, it can also be made to function as an R-S flip-flop. No external hardware is required, except for an RC combination for power-on reset. Also, a clock isn't necessary for its operation. That's because this latch IC is supplied with R and S inputs for latch initialization. The figure shows one of the latches configured as an R-S flip-flop. The R-S flip-flop's truth table uses +ve logic (see the table).

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