Measure Four Analogue Outputs With 33% Fewer Components

Measure Four Analogue Outputs With 33% Fewer Components

Maxim Integrated’s Alameda subsystem reference design adds a high-accuracy, four-channel analogue output to industrial designs, using 33% fewer components than competing designs.

Industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs) need multiple, flexible, high-accuracy analogue outputs. Alameda combines four high-accuracy (< ±0.1%) outputs with a high-efficiency, low-noise power supply controller on a single board. It also offers extreme flexibility, with outputs configurable to ±10 V, ±20 mA, 0 to 10 V, or 4 to 20 mA for current and voltage applications.

Automatic error reporting for detecting open and short circuits, brownouts, and over-temperature conditions suits this subsystem for demanding, precision industrial control and automation applications. Fully tested schematics, layout files, and firmware are available for immediate use and customisation.



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