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MEMS Accelerometer Offers Movement-Activated Features For Mobile Applications

STMicroelectronics’ LIS302DLH, a three-axis digital micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) accelerometer, is a 16-bit device measuring 0.75 mm high. According to ST, the product partakes in its Piccolo MEMS family’s 3- by 5-mm footprint and therefore is suitable for space-saving designs.

Resembling semiconductor fabrication, the LIS302DLH includes micro-mechanical components on a sole chip. This feature allows for the generation of gyroscopes and accelerometers within a small space. The device’s low friction, low wear, and high shock resistance are added bonuses, says ST.

Present in consumer products such as smart-phone handsets, GPS devices, portable computers, game controllers, automotive subsystems, and industrial, medical, and scientific equipment, over 100,000 MEMS components are currently supporting these systems.

In addition, motion sensors, orientation help, free-fall observation, and vibration awareness are all included with the LIS302DLH. Designed for battery-powered products, ST says, this device offers low-voltage operation and low-power consumption. With its power-saving shutdown mode, the new accelerometer has the ability to wake up at the first sign of motion.

Complying with the industry-standard I²C/SPI serial format, external components are unnecessary with its direct connection to the system processor, because its integrated digital circuitry yields a ±8-g range of acceleration measurements. The LIS302DLH, pin-to-pin congruent with other Piccolo three-axis products, such as the LIS302DL and the LIS35DE, affords top product scalability for the market, adds the company.

ST is offering samples of the LIS302DLH now and expects to begin mass production early in the third quarter of this year. For orders exceeding 10,000 pieces, ST’s current price is $1.35.



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