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Microconverter Family Expands Memory And Core Speed

The latest additions to the company's MicroConverter family of data acquisition system-on-a-chip devices integrate 12- or 16-bit A/D and D/A converters, an 8052 MCU core and flash/EEPROM memory. Each of the five devices in the new series comes with an associated QuickStart evaluation kit and includes 62 KB of flash/EEPROM program memory, 8 KB of flash/EEPROM data memory, and 2.304 KB of data RAM. Additional peripherals include the A/D converters and voltage output D/A converters, as well as PWM/sigma-delta outputs, a temperature sensor, and voltage reference. The SoCs also include a watchdog timer, time-interval counter, serial I/O ports (I2C, SPI and UART), and three timer/counters. Designed as drop in replacements for the ADuC812, the ADuC831/41 provide a 12-clock-per-instruction core and a 16-MHz maximum clock rate. Operating from a 32-kHz crystal with an on-chip PLL generating the clock, the ADuC832/42 devices are otherwise identical to the ADuC831/41, respectively. The ADuC831/32 include an eight-channel, 200-ksample/s A/D converter and a 100 ppm/°C reference. With an enhanced I2C interface and higher core speed, the ADuC841/42 MicroConverters integrate an 8-channel A/D converter, sampling at rates up to 400 ksamples/s, and a 20 ppm/°C reference. The ADuC836 includes dual 16-bit sigma-delta A/D converters, a 12-bit D/A converter, temperature sensor, and a reference. All five devices are available in a 52-lead QFP measuring 8 mm x 8 mm. The ADuC831/2 are priced at $7.22, the ADuC841/2 at $7.95, and the ADuC836 at $8.11each/10K. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Wilmington, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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